The halal friendly emirate home to more than 600 mosques.

Located only a few miles north of its grand neighbor Dubai, Sharjah provides an insight into traditional Emirati life. Showcasing its heritage and culture, this outstanding halal friendly destination offers visitors a glimpse into the heart and soul of the Emirates. A perfect holiday getaway for families and those that want a complete halal friendly holiday, you’ll be happy to hear that no hotel in Sharjah serves alcohol. Named as the Islamic Capital of Culture in 2014, Sharjah is proudly home to over 600 mosques, captivating museums such as the Museum of Islamic Civilisation, and Muslim friendly locations that the entertain family can enjoy. From The Arabian Wildlife Centre, to the Discovery Centre and Al Mamzar Beach Park, Sharjah can be called the ultimate halal friendly destinations for those that want everything in one place. Don’t forget to visit the Al-Mahatta Air transport museum, a truly unique experience replaying Sharjah’s role as a stopping point in early air passenger travel.