Japan & Korea

When timeless tradition meets the modern world

Japan is a combination of both ancient tradition and modernism. This Asian nation has stirred thousands of travellers hearts for its beauty, diversity, culture and history. From its historic temples, beautiful cherry blossoms, delicious food, sumo wrestlers and shopping, Japan has it all. Home to the Disneyland theme park and Studio Ghibli Museum, it is an anime fan’s dream. Enjoy the bustle of Tokyo’s streets or the peaceful serenity of zen gardens in Kyoto. Japan is a thriving city, perfect Muslim travellers. In the city that truly never sleeps, there is always something to do.

Japan is a thriving country and recently has become the perfect destination for adventurous Muslim travellers. Travelling with us to Japan will give you the access to authentic halal dining (think Sashimi!) to traditional Japanese experiences from Sushi making to tea ceremonies. However you wish to experience Japan, simply contact one of the team to discover how this eclectic country can be one of your most memorable trips.

Take a trip to South Korea and be inspired by their beautiful building, pop culture and breathtaking temples. Ideal for Muslim travellers looking to enjoy the modern side of life. Korea is way ahead of the curve with outstanding buildings and colourful culture. From the multicoloured and unique shaped building to the old temples dating back the history of Seoul. To the outlying cities of Jeju, Daegu and Busan that offer endless beaches, caves, golf courses, islands and both modern and traditional culture. Korea is perfect for young travellers looking to explore, but also ideal for families, couples and groups searching for a unique Muslim friendly destination.