The continent where the wildlife makes the rules

Wildlife lovers and nature explorers, say hello to an adventure packed halal friendly holiday in the beautiful continent of Africa. Home to the world’s many beautiful and endangered species, our destinations have so much to offer that you’ll simple struggle deciding what to do first. The continent of Africa brings you our halal friendly destinations, Morocco, South Africa and Tanzania.

Africa is a dichotomy of people, cultures and passions. Starting in the north, Morocco is a mere three flight from the UK, yet a million miles away with it’s eccentricity. Our southern African destinations are home to acres untouched savannahs and wildlife of all sorts. Here you can get up close and personal with the wild, and also have the chance to explore warm deserts and their beautiful horizons at the top of continental peaks.

From safari tours, desert sojourns, and countless wildlife sanctuaries, our halal friendly destinations are perfect for those looking to explore and learn about the incredible creatures that walk the same earth as we do. Our spectacular and specially chosen halal friendly hotels and resorts will provide you with facilities and amenities like no other, giving you the chance to both explore and relax in style.