Travel Tale #1 – The dreadlock conundrum

Travel Tale #1 – The dreadlock conundrum

Let me introduce to you our travel tales, a collection of events that we’ve encountered on our travels. In all honesty, we think it’s what makes a travel experience. The unexpected weirdness is something that often makes a journey memorable, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

It was May, and I was on my way back from the Caribbean; Trinidad to be exact. The night flight is around 10 hours long, on a nice new Virgin Atlantic plane. Now the last time I took this flight is was a touch bumpy, and I expected a bit of turbulence for a few minutes here and there. I never expected hours of turbulence. No kidding, it was probably about six of the ten hours of gentle bumpiness to violent bumpiness. I don’t mind it too much, and as long as you understand what is actually happening to the aircraft there is little worry about. Clear Air Turbulence, or CAT, is where moving air in a jet stream rubs along still air. Aircrafts are apparently built to withstand twice the worst turbulence possible, so with that piece of knowledge in mind I had no problems getting through the flight. However on this particular flight I was wedged between two fellow Trinis. On my right was a burly fellow with dreadlocks down to the armrest, who knew that each dread would be bouncing around when it got a bit bumpy. On my left was a lady who wouldn’t stop talking, to herself. “Ya know why dem planes be going up and down like dis, its ‘caus its not supposed to be up ‘ere” and blah blah blah with only a few hours of sleep to stop the onslaught of chatter.

I learnt two things from this trip. Airlines should put a little memo in the seatback pocket explaining what turbulence is, to stop old ladies scaring themselves. The other is that my halal meal on the return flight was from a well known takeaway in Southall (it had their sticker on the front). Spicy food and bumpy air equals another version of turbulence. All in all it didn’t bode well having to climb over my dreadlocked friend twice an hour for the next eight hours to visit the lavatory.

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Aalia Mahdi
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