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Islamic holidays are a great way for Muslim travellers to experience the world, reflect on the beauty of God’s creation and to learn about different cultures and traditions. There are many countries, such as China, that respect Muslim traditions and provide Halal friendly holidays, ensuring a convenient visit for Islamic travellers. Holidaymakers will be able to travel to many destinations in the world and still have access to mosques and Halal food, while experiencing Muslim culture as well! China is a great destination for Islamic holidays. Boasting thousands of years

China is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world and as a travel destination has much to offer its visitors. The options are endless and one visit to the country will not do it justice. For a Muslim a China tour offers the opportunity to visit and experience the way of the forefathers with a tour of the Silk Route. It is an enlivening experience as you embrace the ways of the people, seeped in the traditions of their century’s old history. Of course a must visit