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Islamic Holidays

Islamic holidays are a great way for Muslim travellers to experience the world, reflect on the beauty of God’s creation and to learn about different cultures and traditions. There are many countries, such as China, that respect Muslim traditions and provide Halal friendly holidays, ensuring a convenient visit for Islamic travellers. Holidaymakers will be able to travel to many destinations in the world and still have access to mosques and Halal food, while experiencing Muslim culture as well! China is a great destination for Islamic holidays. Boasting thousands of years

Halal friendly holidays cater to Halal conscious consumers. Consuming products and services that are Halal is the foremost consideration of a Muslim, and this trend encompasses food and banking industries as well as lifestyle and leisure activities. With Halal friendly holidays, Halal conscious travellers are now able to explore the world while enjoying services and travel facilities that cater to their religious beliefs. There are several destinations across the world that Halal friendly – both in Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries and Non OIC countries. Here are some of

Challenge : A days’ entertainment in Dubai on just £10 Of all the halal friendly destinations we feature, there is no doubting the audaciousness that slaps you in the face when you leave the lush Terminal 3 at Dubai airport. However with a city still developing, we uncovered that you don’t need to step up to the glam lifestyle, and we set ourselves a challenge to find our own entertainment with just a tenner per person (£10), which works out to roughly 60 dirhams. With most hotels providing breakfast in

If you are a Muslim in UK and feel that your holiday options are only limited to Islamic countries for travel abroad, then Halal friendly holidays are what you are looking for. More often than not, Muslims planning a holiday outside the country find themselves limited with the choice of travel destinations, hotels and places to eat when on holiday. Also, female travellers are not able to enjoy leisure activities such as swimming and spa facilities. Going on holiday usually requires a lot of research and planning to make sure

Islamic holidays are now possible to many destinations across the world. Now, Muslims do not have to limit their holidays to Islamic countries. They can now travel to many countries and cities in the world with the help of Islamic holidays and tours, which creates a unique travel experience while respecting the cultural values of Islam. There are many reasons to opt for an Islamic holidays – here are some of the best reasons to do so. You no longer have to limit yourself to travel destinations such as Saudi