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Travel lovers with children know the joy of exploring new cultures and cuisines with your little ones but nothing quite spoils the excitement than a long flight! So, we’ve compiled our top five destinations ideal for Muslim families with flight times of 5 hours or less. 1 Morocco A fantastic location with the heat from the boarder and beauty of the surf worthy Atlantic waters. With a flight time of just 4 hours and no time difference, you and your family will find it an easy location to travel to

Halal friendly holidays cater to Halal conscious consumers. Consuming products and services that are Halal is the foremost consideration of a Muslim, and this trend encompasses food and banking industries as well as lifestyle and leisure activities. With Halal friendly holidays, Halal conscious travellers are now able to explore the world while enjoying services and travel facilities that cater to their religious beliefs. There are several destinations across the world that Halal friendly – both in Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries and Non OIC countries. Here are some of