Halal Holidays: Summer Around The World

Halal friendly summer getaways

We may still be in the first quarter of the year, but many of us are already dreaming of the perfect summer getaway. The month of February has brought continuous cold wintery days and a little bit of snow every now and then,  while other places around the world are already living the summer dream. With the days still being short and the winds as sharp as they can be, who can blame you for wanting to get on a plane and fly off somewhere tropical where the sun shines brightly all day? Though you may not be ready to take off on a halal friendly paradise-like holiday just yet, getting your thoughts together and starting to plan out your summer getaway as early as now always has its advantages.

So, where are the best places to travel to for a summer getaway? What months are the best to fly off to destination A, B, and C? And what are the actual countries that can provide a summer getaway you’ll never forget? We’ve listed down some of the top destinations you won’t want to miss out on this summer. From breathtaking beaches covered in powdery white sand, islands overflowing with nature to explore, and a whole range of different cultures ready to welcome you to their humble homes, this summer you can’t go wrong with your list of summer destinations around the world.

Marseille, France

Best time to visit: July

For those looking for a holiday a little bit closer to home, and be close we mean literally just next door, then Marseille, France is the summer getaway for you. Located in the heart of Provence region, Marseille is a beautiful port city that serves as one of the best and most popular summer holiday spots. Being so close to the United Kingdom, travel fares will be cheap, giving you more money to spend on your actual holiday. July is the best time to travel to Marseille, giving you plenty of time to do some research and find out whether this holiday destination is for you. Enjoy warm temperatures, relaxing views, a rich cultural heritage, and plenty of history to make your stay an exciting and interesting one.


Best time to visit: May to December

No summer list would be complete without a place like Mauritius. Being one of the most popular beach getaways in the world, this tiny island in the Indian Ocean offers Muslim travellers one of the best halal friendly holidays they could wish for. Home to stunning beaches, a vibrant underwater world, and a whole ton of luxury hotels and resorts, Mauritius is the place to be if you’re looking for a summer holiday with only relaxing, unwinding, and soaking up the sun in mind. With warm and calm weathers almost all year round, you can never really go wrong when travelling to Mauritius, however, the best months to visit are between May and December, giving you plenty of time to start arranging your real life paradise holiday.

Bali, Indonesia

Best time to visit: May to July

Another popular holiday destination can be found in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is a much-loved summer getaway, but it’s also been known as a backpacker’s paradise due to its cheap accommodation. For couples and honeymooners, you’ve found your haven, as Bali also provides a selection of luxury resorts and retreats where romance and privacy are the only two things in mind. Despite your reason to travel, whether it be with a group of friends on a budgeted escapade, or a luxury romantic escape, Bali offers the perfect blends of mountains, volcanoes, temples, reefs, and beaches, all which provide adventurous days out before spending a comfortable night in.

Seychelles, East Africa

Best time to visit: April to May and October to November

Another summer destination you can’t forget is the Seychelles, in East Africa. This flawless beach paradise can be found in the Indian Ocean and is a beautiful archipelago of 115 islands. Known as one of the best summer and beach holiday destinations in the world, the Seychelles over a real-life experience of heaven on earth. Overflowing with tropical palm trees, crystal clear waters, friendly and hospitable locals, and some of the most mesmerizing hotels and resorts the world has to offer, the Seychelles is a must this summer if you’re choosing relaxation over adventure.

Paros, Greece

Best time to visit: Mid-April to mid-June

If you’re tired of enduring long-haul flights, why not head to Greece for the ideal summer retreat. With the best time to visit being mid-April to mid-June, here you’ll enjoy Greece’s famous beaches and rural villages. Paros, Greece provide guests with stunning views of their town alone. Being painted completely in white, watch as the turquoise waters and blue skies reflect in the sunlight. Greece offers plenty of summer activities from water sports and enjoyable tours, but nothing beats soaking up the sun in true Greek style.


Susannah Willett

Susannah, better known as Sussie spent her younger years growing up in the U.K before moving out to the Philippines to reside. Having split her years in two very different cultures, Sussie has gained the love for travel, giving her the passion to write about the many beautiful countries. Being a lover of nature, culture, and history, Sussie has big plans to travel wherever her feet may take her, and witness firsthand the various beauties of the world.

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