Malaysia – the perfect destination for a Halal holiday

Halal holidays provide tourist destinations for Muslim families who wish to travel the world without compromising on their religious beliefs. The growing Halal tourism market concentrates on Islamic traditions such as Halal food, no alcohol and separate facilities for men and women. Malaysia is one of the countries to quickly grasp the concept of Halal holidays and respond to this latest trend in the tourism industry. There are several reasons why Malaysia is the perfect destination for a Halal holiday.

For starters, Islam is the state religion in Malaysia with approximately 60% of the population practising this religion. With a Muslim majority country, Muslim tourists here will feel at home and welcome as most, if not all of their needs will be catered to here. Malaysia is also home to Chinese and Indian communities, as well as indigenous people, making this destination ‘Truly Asia’. This makes it an interesting destination for tourists hoping to see a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country.

Malaysia is famous for its food, and its cuisine reflects the multi-ethnic make up of the population. There is much in store for Muslim families in terms of cuisine – where one can enjoy Malay, Indian, Chinese, Western and more delights. Malaysian poultry is handled according to Halal standards to conform to Islamic beliefs, so tourists will have peace of mind eating in Malaysia. Malaysia has developed its hotels to accommodate Halal holidays, with many hotels being equipped with all the necessary facilities required. Almost all hotels in Malaysia have a Qibla sign and a prayer mat, with some having prayer rooms as well. Most serve Halal food that is free of substances forbidden by Islam such as pork and alcohol.

Another appealing aspect of Malaysia is the abundance of activities and attractions offered; ensuring that a holiday here is well worth the time. Must visit cities include the de facto capital Kuala Lumpur, which offers Petronas Twin Towers, the worlds tallest twin towers and the busy commercial district called the Golden Triangle, with high end shopping malls, restaurants and hotels. George Town in Penang and Melaka are the only UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Malaysia and offer much entertainment for history buffs. Putrajaya is the administrative centre of Malaysia and is well known for its intricate lavish buildings, bridges and man-made lakes. Malaysia also has several islands and beaches, some of which have been voted the most beautiful in the world. Some islands to visit include Langkawi, Pangkor, Redang and Tioman Island.

Malaysia is an excellent destination for a Halal holiday. Serendipity offers Halal holidays to tourists looking to travel to Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Halal Friendly Holidays in Malaysia

Aalia Mahdi
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