Holidaying in a Muslim friendly environment

Malaysia Muslim TravelMuslim travel is taking the global tourism by storm as more and more affluent Muslims take to exploring the world. Already popular tourist destinations have enjoyed an influx of Muslim travellers with countries like Malaysia and Indonesia as current firm favourites. However, more and more non-Muslim countries are homing in on the industry boom and catering to Muslims by offering Halal hotels and providing prayer rooms at their airports.

According to recent studies that were conducted on this latest travel trend, Muslim travel is expanding rapidly. This is why more countries are working towards attracting Muslim travellers by promoting Halal holidays. Serendipity Tailormade has a finger on the pulse and knows which destinations would best cater to the needs of Muslim travellers. Handpicking the best destinations to ensure that Muslim travellers enjoy a perfect holiday is what Serendipity Tailormade is all about.

A few such destinations that have emerged as being ideal for Muslim travel. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Egypt have slowly but steadily made their mark as Halal friendly destinations. Even Australia especially the Gold Coast area, has entered into the Halal tourism sector by offering great deals for Muslim travellers. By deals here it is meant that facilities are provided that allow Muslim travellers to enjoy amenities that are in accordance with Muslim laws, such as Halal certified food, prayer rooms and generally by offering what can be termed as a ‘Muslim friendly environment’.

The greatest aspect of these countries is that they are truly wonderful holiday destinations, which have the added advantage of catering to Muslim travel by providing a Muslim friendly atmosphere. It proves to be a successful combination as more and more Muslims are venturing out to experience the world.

Malayasia Muslim TravelMalaysia really needs no introduction as a holiday destination while Indonesia offers perfect beaches and amazing landscapes filled with volcanoes and lush paddy fields. Egypt has fascinated travellers from time in memorial. It is a land that has so much to offer from the famous Nile River to the defining Pyramids.

Mentioned above are just a handful of the holiday destinations that now cater to Muslim travel. Halal hotels offer separate male and female facilities, prayer times and prayer mats along with the very important Halal food while no alcoholic beverages are served, which ensures that holidaymakers enjoy a hassle free vacation. Rooms usually carry signs directing devotees to Mecca for prayers along with precise prayer times. Especially during the most recently concluded Ramadan period hotels catered to the fasting period by offering special meals before sunrise and again at the time of break-fast, sunset.  Such attention to hospitality has allowed Muslims to travel even during the period of fasting which is ground breaking in the tourism industry.

A growing trend amongst Muslim travellers is the fact that they choose destinations that offer facilities that are in compliance with Sharia laws. Holidaying in an environment conducive to the Muslim lifestyle is the way that many Muslim travellers prefer to spend their vacations.

Aalia Mahdi
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