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halal holiday preparations

With less than 55 days til we welcome a new year, it’s never too early to start preparing for a holiday. Many people enjoy annual holidays, and at Serendipity Tailormade we see to it that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. You may be thinking, ‘It’s only November’, and while you are right, we believe planning and booking in advance is key to ensuring your getaway goes exactly how you want it to be. Advanced preparations will give you plenty of time to plan and note down certain things you may want to do, or places you want to visit. Just as booking in advance gives you a certain timeframe to save up extra spending money to splurge when you finally reach your halal holiday destination.

Despite many people believing booking last minute is the best way to save when it comes to travelling, that’s not always the case. While certain features may be cheaper, most of the time you’ll end up paying more when you book last minute. Not only can you end up losing out financially, but it’s highly likely you’ll feel rushed, stressed out, and rather confused if you don’t have enough time to sort things out. Last minute bookings may also mean you won’t get to make the most of your holidays as certain attractions may be fully booked, or the specific places and activities you hoped on visiting and taking part in are no longer available on the date you planned on visiting.

If the time of your booking is based on your financial status, we recommend planning months in advance. Some people even plan a year or more in advance as it allows them the time they need to sort things out and think things through. Just because it’s ‘only November’ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start to sit and discuss your holiday plans. You may not plan on flying out till this time next year, and if that’s so, then you’re planning even better. Giving yourself ample time will make your preparations stress free. You will have time to think about your wants and wishes, and those of any that may be planning to join you on your trip.

A 6 month – 1-year time frame will put you in the driver’s seat. You can brainstorm, seek time off work well in advance, plan out any personal things that need to be taken care off, and most of all, you can save. The bigger time frame you have before you fly off means bigger savings and money to spend on your holiday Everyone wants to be in the situation where they can relax and let loose while away, and that means financially too. With plenty of time at hand, the chances are you’ll be able to save a monthly amount to contribute towards your extra pocket money for your holiday.

Not only does planning in advance give you enough time to think things through, it also gives us time to put together ultimate holiday package. Tailoring holidays for clients of all ages, and for all occasions, our goal is to collect your wants and create the perfect halal holiday plan. When time is available we can update you on any upcoming events we know of, special packages for both accommodation and activities, plus put together any extra special services you may have tucked up your sleeve for a special loved one. No one wants to feel like their holiday was rushed, and that should go for preparing it too. Give yourself the time you need to think things through and let us handle the rest. Once you’re sure of your destination, the hotel or resort you would like to stay at, and the activities you want to take part in, we will work our magic and provide you with the holiday you’ve been longing for.

At Serendipity Tailormade we want all our clients to enjoy their holiday. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing one or an adventurous escapade, we suggest you always allow yourself enough time to prepare. For holiday ideas and inspiration, our website provides a range of destinations and an inspiration page full of must-visit countries just waiting to offer you the perfect combination of paradise and discovery. For more information, feel free to contact us via email at mail@serendipity.travel or telephone at 00442033974397. We look forward to providing you with the stress-free holiday you deserve!

Susannah Willett

Susannah, better known as Sussie spent her younger years growing up in the U.K before moving out to the Philippines to reside. Having split her years in two very different cultures, Sussie has gained the love for travel, giving her the passion to write about the many beautiful countries. Being a lover of nature, culture, and history, Sussie has big plans to travel wherever her feet may take her, and witness firsthand the various beauties of the world.

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