Halal Travel: Enjoying Different Cuisines

Enjoy the many different dishes around the world while on holiday

Everyone loves to eat! Even the pickiest of children have that one certain dish they could eat forever, despite it possibly being the unhealthiest of the bunch. The point is, food is food, and it’s a must-have. Not only do we need it to survive, but we also need it keep us in the holiday spirit! The amount of dishes and snacks around the world is uncountable, especially with each country and culture having their own menus and certified ‘must try’s’. One of the best things about travelling is getting to experience the different dishes of the world. No matter where you go, we’re sure your halal destination can offer you something you’ve either never had before, or something that tastes completely different than it does back home. Food plays an important element in your travels, and we at Serendipity Tailormade are BIG foodies. We believe experimenting different cuisines is one of the best ways to add the extra excitement to your holiday, leaving both your stomach and yourself 100% satisfied.

Depending on where you’re travelling to, and where you’ve departed from, your halal holiday destination may be a country that is known for a rather famous dish. It could be something spicy, or something saucy, creamy or rather dry, quite ‘weird’ looking that it makes you worry, or rather delicious that you can’t wait to tuck in. It doesn’t matter where you go, or what activities you’ve got on your list, taking time to discover your host countries ‘must haves’ is a must and something we highly recommend. For each holiday destination we offer, we can provide you with a guide on halal restaurants located in the area, while all our hotels are either halal certified, or offer halal dining options.

Finding good food may or may not be on the top of your holiday to-do list, but we suggest you allow some time to explore the various dishes and cuisines. A lot of Asian countries have some of the best ‘street food’ the world has to offer, with hundreds of different snacks and meals ready to surprise your taste buds. When travelling, it’s not just about finding the most expensive or even the most known restaurant, but being adventurous and exploring the different food options that surround you. Most people love experimenting with food, and getting the chance to try out a new dish is something that comes naturally.

However, there are also people that are worried about what they eat, especially when it’s something they’ve never had before. This can be due to various allergies, or simply not being used to having something that’s out of your comfort zone. For those with allergies, we suggest sticking to restaurants or food chains that can 100% assure you the ingredients of your chosen dish doesn’t include something you can’t have. For those that aren’t comfortable eating something rather new or unusual, why not get a friend to have a bite first before you give it a go? Whether it is your own personal choice not to partake, or you’re worried about the contents, we still believe trying to explore food is an essential part of making your holiday great.  

On many occasions, the dishes you try abroad will become some of you all time favourites, and possibly something you won’t be able to find just anywhere else around the world. While many countries have restaurants featuring their hometown cuisines scattered around the world, nothing beats enjoying those dishes in its original home. Many different places around the world grow their own vegetables, herbs, and spices, all items that simply don’t taste the same when produced in another country.

When you next decide to travel, keep food in mind! Plan out a few dishes you would love to try, and research the best restaurants in the local area you’ll be staying in. If you’re up for really getting into the foodie mood, then start searching your destinations local cuisines and popular street food. You can always ask hotel staff at your hotel for their own recommendations, keeping in mind that you may have to point out about the food being halal. Whatever you decide to eat, or where you decide to eat it, give your taste buds the ultimate holiday too by treating them to something they’ve never had before. You never know, the weirdest looking dish may become your all-time favourite, while trying something that originates from where you’re staying maybe 10 times better than how it’s made back home…

Susannah Willett

Susannah, better known as Sussie spent her younger years growing up in the U.K before moving out to the Philippines to reside. Having split her years in two very different cultures, Sussie has gained the love for travel, giving her the passion to write about the many beautiful countries. Being a lover of nature, culture, and history, Sussie has big plans to travel wherever her feet may take her, and witness firsthand the various beauties of the world.

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