Halal Travel: Dining in Melbourne

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If you are visiting Melbourne and are wondering what type of food you will be able to enjoy on your halal travels, there are several options available for you. The northern suburbs of Melbourne are home to one of the largest Islamic communities in Australia; here you will be able to find a wide range of halal cuisine – both traditional and modern.  Here are some of the best restaurants that you can dine in on your Muslim travel holiday in Melbourne.

Middle Eastern Cuisine: There are two very good restaurants – Maha Restaurant and Rumi Restaurant. Maha Restaurant has been in the One Chefs Hat category of the Age Good Food Guide for over five years and delivers authentic Middle Eastern ancient cuisine in a modern stylish contemporary setting under the guidance of chef Shane Delia. Rumi Restaurant is another Middle Eastern contemporary gem that serves halal dishes. Located at East Brunswick, the settings are simple here, and patrons can enjoy delicious food such as Persian meatballs in saffron and tomato sauce along with labne, pastry rolls with feta, kasseri and haloumi and more.

Moroccan Cuisine: If you’re in the mood for Moroccan cuisine, B’Stilla Restaurant is the place to be. Located on Bray Street, you can enjoy halal beef, goat and chicken dishes among great local produce. Other highlights here include the charcoal grilled squid (Tangier style), seafood tagine and the goat kefta. There is also a three or four course banquet available. Another Moroccan delight to visit is Moroccan Soup Bar in Fitzroy North – this is an excellent budget restaurant serving simple wraps which are the perfect quick bite. This place gets very busy though, so be sure to go early.

Lebanese Cuisine: Abla Restaurant has been running for 35 years by Lebanese chef and owner Abla Ahmed, and is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne serving cuisine that is perfect for your Halal travel needs. Enjoy authentic dips, spicy Lebanese sausages, lamb and burghalkibbeenayeh and a range of classics such as fattoush, falafel and kaftamishwee. Another Lebanese restaurant worth visiting is Tiba’s Lebanese Restaurant on Sydney Road in Brunswick, which serves authentic halal friendly Lebanese food in a buzzing dining hall. Enjoy halal dishes such as lamb cutlets, quail, chicken wings and kafta here.

Greek Cuisine: If you are considering Greek cuisine, Gazi Restaurant located in Melbourne CBD is the place to be. Owned by famous chef and TV personality George Calombaris, they serve delicious halal certified chicken dishes that are worth stopping by for either lunch or dinner.

If you are looking for halal cuisine in Melbourne, there are more than enough restaurants to fulfill all your Muslim travel needs. Find out more about Halal travel to Melbourne, Australia here.

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