Halal Travel: A holiday closer to home

No more long haul flights with our halal holidays in Europe.

Hours sitting on a plane isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Many people would much prefer to travel to countries closer to home that include as little travel time as possible. While we cover a range of halal holiday getaways around the globe, we’ve also got a handful of fantastic holiday destinations nicely located in Europe. With minimum travel time required, anyone that hates long flights we’ll definitely find our pick of European getaways an enjoyable selection. Whether you’re looking for a quick trip that will only take up a few days, or a week or two living the life in paradise, Serendipity Tailormade can make your holiday dreams come true, minus the long haul flights.

Two popular countries from our list of destinations are Spain and Turkey. While Spain is a part of Europe, Turkey actually covers two continents, Europe and Asia. Despite this, travel time from the U.K to Turkey is only a mere 4 hour + flight, while Spain is only 2 hours and 30 minutes away. With both destinations being under a 5-hour flight, travelling to these popular holiday escapades is a piece of cake. Spain and Turkey both have a lot to offer, and there are many breathtaking landmarks and must-sees waiting for you to discover. Apart from the various holiday activities, one takes part in, Spain and Turkey are also home to delicious cuisines and hospitable citizens.

So, which place is best? The answer is entirely up to you! Discovering the perfect getaway depends on your wants and needs, and what you’re looking to get out of from your holiday. It may also depend on your means to travel; are you going on holiday as a family, or are you whisking your partner off for a surprise romantic holiday? No matter the occasion or your company, our selection of halal friendly hotels and resorts will definitely get your attention. Below we’ve listed our partners in Spain and Turkey who will do more than just provide you with your average holiday.


Alanda Marbella

Situated in Sunny Marbella stands the Alanda Resort, the ideal halal friendly location in southern Spain. Just a six minute walk from the sunny beachfront, here couples and families will enjoy a peaceful yet adventurous coastal holiday. The Alanda Marbella is also the only halal-certified hotel in Spain and provides a full halal menu as well as not selling alcohol. Indoor and outdoor pools are available, while a health club and spa are ready to see to your mind, body, and souls needs. Muslim travellers will find this hotel exceptionally convenient as the Masjid Del Rey is located just next door. Here, both men and women can come for daily prayers.

Andalucia Self Drive Experience

If doing your own thing is more up your street, then our Andalucia Self Drive Experience is perfect for you. Our 5-night self-drive experience will take you across the best of Spain. Visit beautiful cities such as Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, the Alhambra Palace, and Alcazar in Seville on your agenda, here you’ll enjoy travelling and exploring at your own pace. Our self-drive experience package includes a car rental and a variety of comfortable hotels to stay at throughout your journey. Starting off in Malaga and getting to drive through the sunny region of Spain’s southern coast, the breathtaking views and fresh air will definitely get you in the mood for the drive ahead.


Adenya Halal Resort

The Adenya Halal Resort is a luxury getaway perfect for Muslim travellers. Situated on the southern coastline of Turkey, your all-inclusive halal stay will be one you’ll never forget. Enjoy views of the Mediterranean seas as you relax in resorts swimming pools, beaches, and spas, which have designated areas for both men and women. For those travelling with children, the Adenya Halal Resort has a fantastic selection of entertainment for the younger ones giving the adults the much-needed relaxation they need. This 5* all inclusive resort also has a relaxing sauna, steam room and Turkish bath, while halal food is served at its best. If you feel like going for a walk, head of to nearby Alanya for an exciting shopping spree

Bera Alanya Resort

Another halal friendly luxury resort is the Bera Alanya Resort. Also located on the southern coastline of Turkey, here you’ll also find all your halal needs. Separate pool areas and spa facilities are available, while a Quran, prayer rug and Qibla direction are in all rooms. On the top floor, you’ll also find an open-air terrace exclusive for women accompanied by a prayer room. Visiting the Bera Alanya Resort with us means you’ll enjoy an all-inclusive stay during your 7 nights in the 5* resort, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and unlimited soft and hot drinks! Family rooms are also available making it the perfect stay for those with children.

Selge Beach Halal Resort

Turkey has already provided us with a couple of luxury holiday destinations, and the Selge Beach Halal Resort is another 5* winner ready to make it onto our list. Located in Manavgat, Antalya this halal resort is massively popular with tourists from all over the world for a number of good reasons. Known as a halal paradise for Muslim travellers, here you’ll be worry-free with the private beach, separate spa and pool facilities for men and women, and a modest beach dress code that is strictly implemented. The Selge Beach Halal Resort serves 100% certified halal dishes in their selection of cafes and restaurants, while a non-alcohol environment is also strongly implemented. Top it off with a selection of family-friendly activities such as games, shows, live folk music, comedy plays, and sport and leisure activities, your stay at the Selge Beach Halal Resort will definitely be a fun packed, luxury, and worry-free one.  


Susannah Willett

Susannah, better known as Sussie spent her younger years growing up in the U.K before moving out to the Philippines to reside. Having split her years in two very different cultures, Sussie has gained the love for travel, giving her the passion to write about the many beautiful countries. Being a lover of nature, culture, and history, Sussie has big plans to travel wherever her feet may take her, and witness firsthand the various beauties of the world.

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