Halal substitutes for alcohol in cooking

Halal foods are foods that are permitted under Islamic dietary guidelines. According to the Qu’ran, Muslims cannot consume Haraam food items such as pork, animals that are not slaughtered properly, blood, birds of prey and alcohol. Using alcohol in cooking is widely done in many types of dishes – however, for Muslims, cooking with alcohol is not an option. There are several good quality substitutes that are alcohol-free and are widely used to replace alcohol in recipes.

Beer: To replace light beers, chicken broth, ginger ale or white grape juice can be used. Stronger beef, chicken or mushroom broth or stock can be used as good substitutes for heavier beers.

Brandy: If a particular flavour is specified in the recipe, then the corresponding fruit juice can be used such as cherry, peach and raspberry.

Calvados: This popular French apple brandy is usually replaced with apple juice.

Cointreau: This orange-flavoured liqueur can be replaced with orange juice concentrate or regular orange juice that has been reduced to a thicker consistency.

Champagne: To replace champagne, sparkling white grape juice, sparkling apple juice, club soda or ginger ale can be used instead.

Kahlua: This syrupy Mexican liqueur which is made of coffee and cocoa beans can be substituted with strong coffee or espresso with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Red wine: Beef or chicken broth or stock, high quality red grape juice or even tomato juice can be used as a good substitute for red wine.

Rum: To substitute light rum, pineapple juice flavoured with alcohol-free almond extract is perfect. Blackstrap molasses thinned with pineapple juice that is flavoured with alcohol-free almond extract can be used for dark rum substitution.

Tequila: Cactus nectar, cactus juice or aloe juice can be used in recipes that require tequila.

Vodka: White grape juice with a squeeze of fresh lemon is a good substitute for vodka in recipes.

White Wine: Chicken broth or stock, diluted cider vinegar, white grape juice and ginger ale can be used. For marinades, ¼ cup vinegar, 1 tablespoon sugar, ¼ cup water is an excellent substitute for white wine.

Aalia Mahdi
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