Halal Expo Europe set for April 2015

The first edition of Halal Expo Europe is set to take place on 15th and 16th April 2015 at Beursgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This will be an important trade fair for entrepreneurs who are active in the rapidly growing halal industry, and is set to include participants from 20 countries.

Halal is an Islamic term which stands for purity, and refers to the way of life of Muslims and what is permissible for Muslims according to Islamic rules. The concept of halal is applied to various industries such as food, cosmetics, finance and travel. The halal food industry is worth 600 billion dollars, which is about 15% of total trading volume of the global food industry. The halal cosmetics industry has an estimated value of 13 billion dollars and the halal finance industry has a value of 1 trillion dollars currently. The halal tourism is also growing rapidly and is expected to reach nearly 200 billion dollars by 2020.

With more than 50 million Muslims, Europe is a very important and valuable market for producers of halal products and services. The European halal industry is estimated to be worth almost 70 billion dollars and is one of the fastest growing global industries; therefore the Netherlands is an ideal location to bring together halal industry entrepreneurs from all across the world.

The Expo will gather an international network of suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, hospitality, take-away, e-commerce and specialty stores from the Halal sector from over 20 countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, France, Morocco, Malaysia, Pakistan, Denmark and Algeria. Participants will include companies that are currently operating in the halal industry, those that are interested in exploring possibilities in the halal industries, as well as suppliers, engineering and technology companies.

Special attention will be given to food, cosmetics and finance sectors, with over 100 exhibitors that operate in the global halal industry. In addition, lectures, panel discussions and seminars will also be held. The fair is a great opportunity to keep informed on the latest trends, developments and innovative concepts, products and services in the halal industry, and participants will be able to gain inspiration, motivation and share knowledge with successful entrepreneurs. In addition, prearranged b2b meetings will be organized to create strategic business partnerships, expand outlets and find new customer groups.

The trade fair will be organized by HOGIAF and NBI International, which both represent international interests by their robust global network. If you want to visit the trade fair, entrance fees are € 15,00 for one day; € 20,00 for both days.

Aalia Mahdi
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