Halal cosmetics – a growing trend

There is a growing awareness among Muslims that Halal certifications are not just limited to foods. Now more and more, savvy modern Muslims are incorporating and embracing the halal lifestyle into their day to day activities. This includes a range of lifestyle options ranging from holidays, to finance and banking, to cosmetics. As halal is a way of life, the Muslim consumer is making sure to incorporate it into every aspect of his or her life. This is also due to an increased awareness of product ingredients that are used during manufacture.

Though all the cosmetic and skin care products produced for the Muslim market may not have Halal certification, more and more are produced using natural and organic products that are in keeping with religious requirements. This trend is especially noticeable in the Middle East market and in some brands elsewhere, such as the Body Shop, which is renowned for its use of natural products and avoidance of animal testing. Recent studies have shown that though the demand segment for halal cosmetics is not large, it is steadily growing in popularity as awareness increases.

Another rising global development is that more and more non-Muslim countries are also appreciating the quality of halal cosmetics. According to Research and Markets’ report entitled ‘Halal Cosmetics and Personal Care Market in the APAC Region 2014-2018’, the market for the halal segment of skin care and cosmetic products, is showing a steady growth. The halal personal care and cosmetic market are gaining in popularity as knowledgeable consumers understand the value of quality products that are manufactured using natural and organic ingredients. Consumers nowadays are very careful regarding the products they use and do more research before making a purchase; it is no wonder they appreciate the hygienic process that goes into producing halal cosmetics. Products include perfumes, oral care, creams, shower gels, shampoos and conditioners, oils, lotions and baby products.

As a result, more globally recognized manufacturers are paying attention to this growing market. This is good news for Muslims wanting to ensure that all aspects of their lives are in accordance with halal requirements.

Aalia Mahdi
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