Chinese New Year Festivities Around The World

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Chinese New Year is an important Chinese festival celebrated in many countries worldwide. The festive season is filled with colours, music, dancing, fireworks, and various festive activities that many throughout the world join and participate in. Despite the hectic February schedules, many countries go out of their way to be a part of the famous and popular celebration, with some countries even declaring Chinese New Year as a national holiday in their country. With the fun and excitement just recently being celebrated, let’s take a look at how a few countries welcome the Chinese New Year!


Home to the big event, China is definitely the place to be during the festive season. Also known as the Spring Festival, the colourful and energetic activities last for around 23 days. The Chinese people have many traditional beliefs and doings that they perform during this time, which they believe will bring certain luck to them. From cleaning their houses to welcome the Spring Festival, to putting up red posters with poetic verses on their door, the Chinese New Year is filled with colours, decorations, laughter, music, and so much more!

This special time is also an important time for families, relatives, and friends to gather together and celebrate. Many families travel from afar to be together over the Chinese New Year festival. Fireworks as always are common during events like this, however the Chinese take their time and spend the money to make the firework displays extra special as they believe this is a way of casting away any bad luck, and so that good fortunes may come their way. Other activities and doings such as giving ‘luck’ money to children and the single take place during this time, while many people buy and wear new clothes and garments. Lion and dragon dances are one of the most popular and well known performance that take place over the holidays, with beating drums, musical performances, and striking gongs being the main activities that go on throughout the Spring Festival festivities.

Hong Kong

If you’re in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year, then you should already consider yourself lucky! Filled with amazing performance, delicious cuisines, and so much energy, it’s hard not to want to be in Hong Kong during this special occasion. With the normal activities taking place just like any other country that celebrates Chinese New Year to its fullest, you can expect dragon dancers, loads of yummy food, crowded temples, and festive markets. However, Hong Kong knows how to celebrate, especially when it comes to this eventful event. A magnificent firework show takes place over the harbour while top of the class floats can be seen parading the streets of Hong Kong. Local and international performers also take to the streets and stages to perform some amazing numbers.

One truly amazing event that Hong Kong prepares themselves for is the Hong Kong Pulse 3D Light Show. This magical event is full of fun and excitement as those present can enjoy Chinese New Year in a magical form of a 3D light show with amazing audiovisual effects. For those that want to experience this modern yet cultural event, they can head down to Hong Kong Cultural Centre and the Clock Towers at Tsim Sha Tsui. Throughout the Chinese New Year celebrations the content of the show varies however everything is based around traditional festive themes. Apart from the energetic performances and wonderful views, Hong Kong is filled with laughter, excitement, and lovely aromas with a true festive feel.


Mandarin oranges are believed to bring good luck

Mandarin oranges are believed to bring good luck

Chinese New Year is just as important to Malaysians as it is to the Chinese, with preparations for the big event starting off with a well prepared family dinner on Chinese New Year Eve. Apparently Chinese New Year’s Eve is considered the second most important day of the festive celebration with the actual Chinese New Year Day being the first. Malaysians take their time cooking up delicious dishes to enjoy with their family as this specific time is looked upon as the most important time to gather with family members.

Dinner is followed with what most traditional families do, the usual chit chat, asking how each other are, and then of course the family group photo! Before the countdown begins, everyone gathers together and awaits the much awaited Chinese New Year, and firework display. However, though Chinese New Year’s Eve may sound as ordinary as New Years Eve, it’s the actual day of celebration when all the fun and activities start happening! Most families visit Buddhist temples to pray before enjoying various street dances, dragon dances, and various games and activities depending on the community you’re in. Married people also hand out red packets that are better known as ‘angpow,’ a small envelope with money, to their single members of family and friends. Though Chinese New Year is supposed to last until the 15th day, in the current modern word, normally only one or two days are allowed as public holidays to celebrate.



Beautiful Chinese lanterns in Singapore

Singapore is another beautiful country that celebrates the colourful Chinese celebration. Not only does Singapore celebrate the event, but they also turn the celebration into a major tourist attraction. Three weeks prior to Chinese New Year, Singapore fills their streets with colourful processions, riotous lion dances, and seasonal markets, perfect for those wanting to get into the festive mood! The normal every day streets turn into crowds of happy people chatting away excitedly as they prepare for the upcoming festival. Exchanging mandarin oranges is strongly believed to bring good luck to one another, while creating and serving special delicious dishes is also seen as another form of exchanging good luck.

Singapore is filled with amazing events and activities over the Chinese New Year with red lanterns beautifully decorated throughout the streets, and various special dances and performances carefully practiced beforehand. Chinatown is one of the best places to be in Singapore for Chinese New Year as it’s here that one can witness the Chinatown Street Light Up, which includes lion dancers and fire eaters performing at Kreta Ayer Square. Marina Bay is also filled with festivity with opera performances, and various Chinese activities available to try out. Colourful and beautifully designed parades also march by here, with a certain type of carnival theme. Floats and parades take their places as they fill the streets with their amazing artwork and performances such as acrobats, jugglers, percussionists and dancers.

Though the Chinese New Year is over for this year, you may be intrigued to visit one of the many countries next year that go all out when it comes to celebrating this magical festival. Many countries that take their time in preparing for the special occasion are destinations that we offer, and we’d be more than happy to help you plan your next Chinese New Year in one of these fantastic places. Feel free to contact us, or have a look at our Serendipity website for other packages and offers we have that are available all year round!

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