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Travelling with children is a delight – you will be able to expand their horizons by discovering food, cultures and landscapes together. Family destinations for halal travel needs ensure that adults will have a great holiday, while the kids will be thoroughly entertained too. Here are four amazing countries that you should visit with your families for exciting Muslim travel. United Arab Emirates: The UAE is one of the best family destinations with endless troves of activity and sights for all members of the family. The capital of UAE –

Enter the magical world of Peru with our amazing Peru experiences! If you’re looking for a new halal friendly destination for your next holiday why not take a look at what this spectacular country has to offer. You may already be familiar with the beautiful Machu Picchu which is set high in the Andes Mountains above the Urubamba River valley, but what you may not know is there’s more to Peru than you first thought. With a colourful mix of cultures, history, architecture, cuisines and arts, Peru is overflowing with

Marvelous Morocco Morocco is a marvelous place to visit in North Africa, steeped in Islamic history and scenic locations to make for an unforgettable Halal travel here. Predominantly a Muslim country, with Muslims accounting for approximately 99% of the population, Morocco has much to see and do. From gorgeous palaces to breathtaking oasis, visitors here will enjoy their Muslim travels here. There are several places that are worth seeing in Morocco. Rabat, which is the administrative capital of Morocco, faces the Atlantic Ocean and has several palaces and gardens to

Many of our halal travels are filled with adventurous locations and wonderful sites to see, what with many being popular or well known places. We tend to travel the world to visit certain places that we know are famous, or are considered as famous landmarks, but somehow forget that the world has so much more to offer!  When travelling one must always keep in mind that there are so many unknown or lesser known attractions around the world, and all it takes is a little time, patience and research to

If you are visiting Melbourne and are wondering what type of food you will be able to enjoy on your halal travels, there are several options available for you. The northern suburbs of Melbourne are home to one of the largest Islamic communities in Australia; here you will be able to find a wide range of halal cuisine – both traditional and modern.  Here are some of the best restaurants that you can dine in on your Muslim travel holiday in Melbourne. Middle Eastern Cuisine: There are two very good

Feeling that you’re on top of the world is a known saying, but how would you feel if you actually were on top of the world? Your usual holidays can become boring once you’ve starting doing the same leisure activities over and over again, so why not try out something new? If you’re the adventurous type, and one that’s not afraid of heights, let’s start spicing up your holiday agenda by climbing some of the most beautiful mountains and buildings that the world has to offer! Mother Nature definitely works

Family holidays can be the best time to make amazing memories with your loved ones. A new destination, a different culture, loads of fun and exciting activities, but most of all, the bonding and relaxation you get to spend while away is always the highlight of your holiday. Though family holidays can all be fun, sand, and sea, there can also be stressful moments and certain mishaps that may just back your ultimate getaway a depressing one! We’ve come up with a few travel tips that could save you from

Diving is considered as an amazing experience. Whether it’s your hobby, a one off dive, or a leisure activity you enjoy doing every now and then, diving is definitely one way of seeing the underwater wonders of the world. From thousands of different species of fish, to unique and rare sharks, and other water creatures, to the vibrant coloured beauties of the reefs and corals that sparkle in the clear water, diving is truly a magical experience! Though there are so many breathtaking diving spots dotted all over the world,

A new year means a new holiday destination, and now would be the best time to start planning for your next great escapade. If you’re looking for a halal friendly holiday destination, that can meet your wants and needs, then you’re in luck!  We’ve searched high and low, witnessed firsthand, and looked into the top listed holiday destinations for 2016 that we believe will offer you something a bit different that your normal casual holiday experience. Hong Kong Hong Kong is definitely a city for those with a big appetite

Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales, Australia and ranks as one of the best cities to live in and visit in the world. This urban city that lies on the south-east coast of Australia has it all – breathtaking natural beauty, mild winters and warm summers, a beautifully designed harbor, scrumptious dining options, dynamic arts and culture, fascinating fashion and more. The list goes on with all that Sydney offers, making it an exceptional tourist destination. Sydney has a wonderful mix of cosmopolitan and international population –

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