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If you’re one of the many thousands, if not millions of people on this earth that loves travelling, then we all know that travelling is an experience you’ll never regret. Whether you travelling for business or leisure, the excitement of boarding a plane and exploring another country is something to get hyped up about. At Serendipity Tailormade we promote halal friendly travel, meaning we provide Muslim travellers with halal holidays that meet their needs and wishes. If you’re looking for a halal hotel with easy access to mosques, we’ve got

If the time of year has come for you to pack your bags and get ready for your halal holiday, then there are a few things you need to make sure you get right. Going on holiday can be a rather stressful time, especially if there are a few thing on your list that you need to sort out in advance. Alongside sorting out your finances, booking your ticket, taking care of things at home and at work, there’s also getting to the airport, dealing with situations at the airport,

We’ve all heard the term, less is more, but what does it mean when it comes to holidays? Many people try to cram in as much as they can when they’re on holiday. From planning to see a ton of sites and participating in an amount of activities, sometime over planning can become a little bit too much leaving some disappointed or rather stressed out trying to get everything done. Your holiday should be about relaxing and having fun. While we all want to make the most of it, sometimes

A holiday is always a special time. It’s your time to relax, unwind, forget about the worries in the world and simply enjoy either being alone or with the one’s you love most. Most holidays include a lot of planning and preparation, and while it can be a rather stressful and anxious time, depending on what you need to get sorted, making sure you do plan ahead is the best way to ensure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. If you’ve travelled a lot in your lifetime then you’ve

  Preparing for a holiday can be stressful. One of the most stressful parts is packing and preparing the things you’ll need to take while you’re away. A lot of the time many people over pack causing extra weight that isn’t needed, extra expenses at the airport, and the inconvenience of having to carry around a whole lot more than you need. When it comes to packing, and preparing yourself for your next halal friendly holiday, always remember that while you don’t want to have to buy things that you

The exciting part of the year has finally arrived, you and your family will soon be flying off to your choice of holiday destination. The kids are all excited, you’re partner has checked the luggage more than 5 times already, and you’re sitting there smiling while thinking it’s only just the start of a relaxing few days away in holiday paradise. Though going on holiday is all about enjoying yourself, relaxing, and having fun, what many people tend to forget is the memory making part. With any holiday you’ll make

Family holidays can be the best time to make amazing memories with your loved ones. A new destination, a different culture, loads of fun and exciting activities, but most of all, the bonding and relaxation you get to spend while away is always the highlight of your holiday. Though family holidays can all be fun, sand, and sea, there can also be stressful moments and certain mishaps that may just back your ultimate getaway a depressing one! We’ve come up with a few travel tips that could save you from

Diving is considered as an amazing experience. Whether it’s your hobby, a one off dive, or a leisure activity you enjoy doing every now and then, diving is definitely one way of seeing the underwater wonders of the world. From thousands of different species of fish, to unique and rare sharks, and other water creatures, to the vibrant coloured beauties of the reefs and corals that sparkle in the clear water, diving is truly a magical experience! Though there are so many breathtaking diving spots dotted all over the world,

A new year means a new holiday destination, and now would be the best time to start planning for your next great escapade. If you’re looking for a halal friendly holiday destination, that can meet your wants and needs, then you’re in luck!  We’ve searched high and low, witnessed firsthand, and looked into the top listed holiday destinations for 2016 that we believe will offer you something a bit different that your normal casual holiday experience. Hong Kong Hong Kong is definitely a city for those with a big appetite

Whether you’re looking for a romantic halal honeymoon, a muslim-friendly family holiday or just a quick getaway, there are several aspects to consider that can bring down the price. Asmaa shares some tips for how to get the best deal This is the most important rule of all: book early! If you have no choice but to travel during school holidays (when the airlines and hotels can double their prices) book as far in advance as possible. Unless you don’t mind being stuck in a 2* self-catering apartment in Lanzarote

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