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If you tuned into our previous blog, Flying Solo – My Experience: Before the flight, you’ll know I was fully prepared to embark on my first solo trip. I had my plans laid out, knew exactly what restaurants and shops I was going to visit while hanging about in the airport, and I even know the best route to get from one terminal to another, including my gate! But just like most things in life, no matter how prepared you are, and even how careful you are, things don’t always

For those that have never flown alone before, the adventure that awaits can be a rather exciting yet scary one. Travelling is always a big deal, even if you’re flying with family members or friends. With the journey ahead of you constantly on your mind, to checking in and ensuring you’re luggage meets the airline’s standards, flying from one country to another isn’t always a piece of cake, especially when you’re about to do it alone. While hundreds if not thousands of people fly from one destination to another on

Have you ever wanted to see the wild up close and personal? One of the best ways to achieve this is by going on a safari. While there are various places around the world where you can witness wild animals in their natural habitat, there’s no doubt that places like South Africa and Tanzania hold some of best safari trips and adventures. This exciting escapade will definitely be a memorable one, something even more exciting when spent with family and friends. But what are the essentials once must pick for

Welcome to 2018! Another year has arrived and that means more exciting adventures are in store for us. While the year has only just started, we’re already busy preparing halal holiday destinations and packages for you. If you’ve already travelled with Serendipity Tailormade, you know of the services and special packages we offer. If you’re new to the site, we welcome you onboard a fantastic journey. Our priority is to provide you with the halal holiday, or holidays of your dreams! Ensuring we give you exactly what you want and

We all know travelling can be a costly adventure, with tickets to book, hotels to consider, and your daily expenses building up, the thought of all these expenses can be rather stressful. Despite the fact that we want or even need to take a break, thinking of your overall expenses can be enough to put the whole idea of going on holiday to a pause. However, if you’re really dedicated to making your next halal trip is a success without breaking the bank, there are a few simple and straightforward

Everyone loves to eat! Even the pickiest of children have that one certain dish they could eat forever, despite it possibly being the unhealthiest of the bunch. The point is, food is food, and it’s a must-have. Not only do we need it to survive, but we also need it keep us in the holiday spirit! The amount of dishes and snacks around the world is uncountable, especially with each country and culture having their own menus and certified ‘must try’s’. One of the best things about travelling is getting

Flying business or first class is something many travellers dream of. Most of us have seen the luxury ads, the stunning photographs, and the reviews of those lucky enough to have experienced the ‘high life’ when flying. While what we hear and see is enticing enough, it’s normally the hefty price that turns us off. The sad reality? Flying business or first class is expensive, no matter what airline you choose. With airlines frequent updates and changes to their services, features, and amenities, it’s hard not to secretly be jealous

With less than 55 days til we welcome a new year, it’s never too early to start preparing for a holiday. Many people enjoy annual holidays, and at Serendipity Tailormade we see to it that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. You may be thinking, ‘It’s only November’, and while you are right, we believe planning and booking in advance is key to ensuring your getaway goes exactly how you want it to be. Advanced preparations will give you plenty of time to plan and note down certain things

If you’re one of the many thousands, if not millions of people on this earth that loves travelling, then we all know that travelling is an experience you’ll never regret. Whether you travelling for business or leisure, the excitement of boarding a plane and exploring another country is something to get hyped up about. At Serendipity Tailormade we promote halal friendly travel, meaning we provide Muslim travellers with halal holidays that meet their needs and wishes. If you’re looking for a halal hotel with easy access to mosques, we’ve got

If the time of year has come for you to pack your bags and get ready for your halal holiday, then there are a few things you need to make sure you get right. Going on holiday can be a rather stressful time, especially if there are a few thing on your list that you need to sort out in advance. Alongside sorting out your finances, booking your ticket, taking care of things at home and at work, there’s also getting to the airport, dealing with situations at the airport,

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