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Diving is considered as an amazing experience. Whether it’s your hobby, a one off dive, or a leisure activity you enjoy doing every now and then, diving is definitely one way of seeing the underwater wonders of the world. From thousands of different species of fish, to unique and rare sharks, and other water creatures, to the vibrant coloured beauties of the reefs and corals that sparkle in the clear water, diving is truly a magical experience! Though there are so many breathtaking diving spots dotted all over the world, we’ve come up with 6 places we believe are amazing halal friendly diving sites, all in Muslim Friendly destinations we can offer you!

Thailand; Richelieu Rock, near Surin Island

Stretched between the Similan and Surin Islands, Richeliieu Rock is famous for their whale shark liveaboard safari. Despite there being many spots in Thailand which are good for diving with whale sharks, Richeliieu Rock proudly takes the number one spot. This huge beautiful area is shaped as a horse shoe and is covered with soft corals, anemones, barrel sponges and sea fan. Once into the water, and as you start your diving experience, you’ll have the chance to swim with whale sharks, and mantra rays before getting to look deeply between the various corals for other beautiful creatures.

Though diving at Richeliieu Rock has to be organised by the local area’s dive cruise operators, you’ll find various packages that cover the said area, and more. Your choice of diving experience is entirely up to you, however the local operators suggest this specific course for advanced divers, with October until early May being the best time to dive.

Maldives; Vaavu Atoll

Reef diving in the Maldives

Reef diving in the Maldives

Simply being in the Maldives alone assures you that any water activity you’re going to take part in is going to be amazing! Vaavu Atoll, an undeveloped vacation paradise is the ultimate diving haven being the largest unbroken barrier reef in the Maldives, this amazing diving spot is 50km long and the marine life here are remarkably larger due to the healthy clean warm waters. You can easily visit the various unspoilt diving spots by liveaboards before jumping in to the seas to witness the many underwater wonders. Explore underwater caves, overhangs, and swim-throughs that are filled with colourful soft corals and coral bushes.

Keep your eyes out for the different under water creatures such as the grey reef and white tip reef sharks, with the possible opportunity to witness hammerhead sharks and whale sharks swim by. Mantra ray, whalejack and tuna, plus large schools of snapper, barracuda and trevally are also part of your searching agenda, as these amazing species are known to keep the waters alive with their continuous appearances. Beginners and advanced divers are able to complete this diving course in the clear calm waters, and local diver guides are available to help tourists on their underwater adventures.

Australia; Yongala, Queensland

The beautiful coral reefs of Gaathafushi

The beautiful coral reefs of Gaathafushi, Maldives

Take a plunge into history, mystery, and wildlife as you enter the magical waters of the famous S.S.Yongala shipwreck. Considered the best wreck dive on the planet, you’ll be amazed as you enter the waters and witness the remains of the century old S.S.Yongala shipwreck. Sunk in 1911 due to a tropical cyclone, the 110 meter ship sank with all 124 passengers onboard. Though the shipwreck wasn’t found until the 1950’s, people from all over the world have been diving at this location to witness a part of history.

Not only does the history and remains of the ship leave you with breathtaking views, but also the presence of two-meter giant groupers, trevallies, manta, eagle ray, rare bull, tiger and leopard sharks is a plus! The highlight however and the main attractions are the graceful minke whales and singing humpback whales that are up to 16-meter-long and 30-50 ton!

Malaysia; Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island

Regularly ranked among the top 5 diving sites in the world, Barracuda Point has an amazing dive site which has a great barracuda shoal of thousands often spotted in a tornado like formation. Be amazed as you witness amazing creatures such as the barracudas, 3 meter turtles, schools of whitetip sharks, batfish, and jacks swim before your eyes. Though this diving experience can be rather intimidating at first, what with the chances of finding yourself in the middle of a barracuda tornado, at the same time you’ll feel you yourself are one of the beautiful water creatures, as you blend in with them in the deep blue waters.

Situated in Malaysia, you’ll be happy to know the dive site is only a 5 minute boat ride from the Beach of Sipadan Island. Here you can enjoy diving from 5meters to 40 meters, with various choices of what you’d rather see and explore.

South Africa; Sodwana Bay

Situated in South Africa, Sodwana Bay offers you the complete diving experience with so much more! Enjoy visiting the area which is covered with dense coastal forest offering breathtaking sceneries and the option to engage in bird watching, and spotting a number of small mammals such as the Bush Babies, Genets, Duiker and Striped Mongoose. Once into the waters you’ll be amazed with the unspoilt corals that bring life to the ocean as the Indo-Pacific fish, blue-banded snappers, humpbacks, yellow and dory snappers, squirrel fish, soldier fish and potato bass swim with you.

Here you’ll have the chance to choose which reef you want to dive in, with your drop off area being only 5- 45 minutes away from the shoreline depending on the diving spot you choose. Not only does Sodwana Bay offer you an amazing diving experience, the beautiful sandy beaches are also home to quad bike riding, kiteboarding, surfing, and day trips on foot to spot Rhino’s and Buffalo’s.

Philippines; Tubbataha, Palawan

Despite only being discovered in the late 1970’s Tubbataha in Palawan, Philippines has been recognised as one of the most remarkable coral reefs in the world. Isolated, yet still a short liveaboard ride away, the waters at Tubbataha are amazingly clear, making diving perfect for those wanting to explore. Due to the crystal clear waters, the marine life in Tubbataha is amazingly larger compared to other areas. Experts suspect that the underwater creatures are living longer and therefore growing bigger due to their healthier lifestyle in the clean waters that are not polluted.

Tubbataha offers clear skies, calm seas, and amazing visibility between 30 – 45 meters; however the diving season at this remarkable place is between March – June. During this time divers will however be able to explore and experience the amazing beauties of the ocean planet, while all the income the diving operators receive go towards keeping Tubbataha as clean, tidy, and safe as can be.

If you’re interested in diving and would like to find out more, feel free to contact us at Serendipity and we’ll do our best to tailor you wants and needs. Though the above locations are all part of destinations that we offer, we have many more holiday getaways that can offer you an amazing diving experience!

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Susannah, better known as Sussie spent her younger years growing up in the U.K before moving out to the Philippines to reside. Having split her years in two very different cultures, Sussie has gained the love for travel, giving her the passion to write about the many beautiful countries. Being a lover of nature, culture, and history, Sussie has big plans to travel wherever her feet may take her, and witness firsthand the various beauties of the world.

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