10 Halal travel reasons to travel to the Far East

Just 10 Halal travel reasons why you should visit the Far East and there’s many more, were do we start?

1) Asian Food

The far eastern cuisine is a culmination of multiple areas and their styles and flavours of cooking thus create one ultimate super-cuisine! From Japanese sushi to Thai noodles the assortment of proud heritage behind this cuisine is something you won’t forget when visiting the Far East. With such a vast range of food options, this means finding halal friendly options is easier, with many non-meat, vegetable and carb varieties throughout the many options this diverse cuisine has to offer. Examples of halal friendly dishes include Tom Yum(The classic soup of Thailand) and a multitude of vegetarian sushi options.

2 ) Budget friendly

With a multitude of currencies used in this stretch of land, you can benefit extremely from some excellent conversion rates; one of the best being UK pound sterling to Japanese Yen: £1- 2,999. Get more for your money and enjoy brilliant bargains from clothes and designer brands in Japan to 24-hour convenience markets in Singapore; sop and don’t stop! The Far East is the perfect place to treat yourself and gain valuable items with sometimes a little haggling involved. (See point 8 for more on haggling )

3) Ease of travel

There are various transport options across the Far East from trains and buses to boats and bikes. By simplifying taking taxis in most areas in the Far East this another chance to haggle you must be sure to settle a price with the driver before your trip and carry the correct change. A cheap means of efficient transport is the Metro System, in the Far East there is a Metro in Bangkok, Kaula Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta.

4) Highly advanced Technology

Parrarlelel to trips to Australia where wifi can be charged daily or difficult to find, The Far East is ahead in many aspects in terms of technology Japan the hub of innovation in technology advancement free wifi is a gievn in many cafes, shops and public places so youre instagram posting won’t be put on hold until the end of the trip!

5) The beaches of the Far East

Some of the most Beautiful beaches lie in the Far East, so this is an opportunity to visit some of the most luxurious white sands and clear blue ocean waters. With never-ending options, you can go year-round snorkelling to surfing. Specifically, in Thailand holidays the most picturesque beaches such as Koh Tarutao secluded combined beaches which you can hike or bike through the mangroves surrounding it. The ultimate destination to relax and truly kick back from the business of scheduled every day life.

6) Metropolises

The excitement of big cities here is real! The Far East has many busy Metropolises including Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Kuala Lumpur. A true culmination of both old and newer Asia with modern architecture and yet just streets away from ancient historical temples. A brilliant way to enetertain Muslim families and their children wether its shopping in the crowds to witnessesing great history or afdmiruing the facinating merging character of these Metropilises.

7) Collect lots of New stamps on your passport

Your trip to the Far East will definitely be memorable but why not get something to remember it by for free; passport stamps, not as widely used as they were but still attainable from Multiple airports around the Far East, whether on request or by law. In Cambodia you wil recieve a stamp if you flying in or out of this destination an example of stamps given on Entry and exit are shwon below. In areas that you are not automatically given passport stamps, you can (very politely) request one, this is on the decision of passport control at the time, areas reportedly who enable this on occasions include destinations in the Far East such as South Korea

8) Haggle and like a local!

There’s no better way to get a true taste of Far Eastern culture, visiting nearby markets and shops take the time to research some prices of what you’re looking to purchase find out what locals are paying not tourists as that’ll be a completely different price! Try taking a friendly stance and smiling as you ask for their lowestr price its practicied widely and often works out positively in a true bargain. Haggle and sjhop local helping out local merchants just consider what your buying, how much do you want it , how much is worth to you ? Lastly, you can always walk away, just be gracous polite and explain youve changed your mind, there are plentiful shops and markets to explore and brush up on your haggling skills.

9) An Established Tourist Infrastructure and Friendly people

The Far East is an extremely popular area to visit with people visiting from far and wide this detention has become accustomed to its high numbers of visitors and therefore they are highly adaptable and accommodating to tourists. With a range of fast and efficient transport systems reasonably priced but also a multitude of tourist companies set to provide an authentic and wholesome visit for all travellers. Locals are often friendly and willing to help, surrounded by tourists they are tolerant and many people give a friendly vibe when visiting their home town or city.

10) Combination of Sun, Sea and Cities

In the majority of the Far East, you can expect temperates of 20-degree and above mostly consistently from April to September/ October time. Yet some places do vary for example Tawain maintains consistently around if not above the 20-degree mark all year around. Therefore as previously mentioned the Far East is idealistic for beach lovers but its variety makes its a fitting location for many Muslim travellers. The winning combination means you will not have to choose between culture and cuisine when visiting the Far East with the cities providing both culturally authentic menus but also halal friendly.

Muslim travellers can’t miss out on this incredible culmination of extreme and relaxing experiences; the Far East really does cater for all travellers. Check out accommodation and travel to the Far East and beyond at https://www.rihaala.com/destinations/asia/

Susannah Willett

Susannah, better known as Sussie spent her younger years growing up in the U.K before moving out to the Philippines to reside. Having split her years in two very different cultures, Sussie has gained the love for travel, giving her the passion to write about the many beautiful countries. Being a lover of nature, culture, and history, Sussie has big plans to travel wherever her feet may take her, and witness firsthand the various beauties of the world.

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