While going on holiday is all about relaxing and spending that precious time with your loved ones and friends, for many simply relaxing on the beach or the hotel grounds isn’t enough. A lot of people are choosing adventurous travels over the rather normal holiday getaway where you relax, unwind, and give your mind, body and soul the ultimate pampering treat. Despite there still being a high demand for these types of holidays, over the years more and more Muslim travellers have swapped an ordinary holiday for something a little

We’ve all heard the term, less is more, but what does it mean when it comes to holidays? Many people try to cram in as much as they can when they’re on holiday. From planning to see a ton of sites and participating in an amount of activities, sometime over planning can become a little bit too much leaving some disappointed or rather stressed out trying to get everything done. Your holiday should be about relaxing and having fun. While we all want to make the most of it, sometimes

We may just be entering April, but summer is just around the corner and we’ll be surprised how fast it suddenly creeps up on us. While the British weather is rather unpredictable, one thing we know for sure is that there are plenty of sunny holiday destinations ready to give us the summer energy we need. For many, the summer time is the perfect time to travel. Muslim families with children in school will have plenty of time to go away for a few weeks, while various packages are often

A holiday is always a special time. It’s your time to relax, unwind, forget about the worries in the world and simply enjoy either being alone or with the one’s you love most. Most holidays include a lot of planning and preparation, and while it can be a rather stressful and anxious time, depending on what you need to get sorted, making sure you do plan ahead is the best way to ensure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. If you’ve travelled a lot in your lifetime then you’ve

Going on holiday is always an exciting and much looked forward to event. You may have been saving up for quite some time and can’t wait to let loose and finally relax in your chosen destination. For many, holidays don’t come that often and quite a lot of people only get to go on holiday once every two or three years. With all the planning and saving up for this special event you want to make sure everything is perfect and goes exactly how you dreamed it to be, or

In need of a little inspiration to help get you packing? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about going on holiday but just aren’t sure where to go, or what type of holiday you’re looking for. If you’re confused or need a little help then Serendipity Tailormade is here to get you on track. At Serendipity Tailormade we have a whole range of halal destinations, hotels, and holiday packages perfect for Muslim families, Muslim honeymooners, and those looking to tour as a group and as an individual. With a whole selection of

  Travelling alone may sound boring to some, while for others it’s the ultimate way to become the independent person you want to be. Travelling is a great way to get in touch with your inner self, not only do you have the chance to get to know yourself better, but it’s also the perfect way to see whether you’re really as independent as you think you are. While being alone sounds like a boring adventure, it’s actually the perfect opportunity to discover and explore at your own pace. Enjoying

With 2017 just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start looking for your next halal friendly holiday. For Muslim couples, families and travelers looking for the perfect halal friendly destination where all their halal wants and needs can be met, we’ve listed down below a large handful of destinations and halal hotels and resorts that can give you just that. From private pools, delicious halal cuisines, separate female and male spas and swimming pools, all the below hotels can provide you with the ultimate halal holiday where you

Looking for the perfect honeymoon getaway but aren’t sure where to go? Perhaps you’ve traveled to the popular holiday destinations such as Thailand and Dubai, or Singapore and Malaysia, and are seeking for a different destination that can still provide you with the luxury and privacy you’re looking for? If you’re in search for a halal friendly destination that’s complete with your wants and needs, yet is located in a completely different environment, then we may just have what you’re looking for. Zanzi Resort in Tanzania brings you the ultimate

  Preparing for a holiday can be stressful. One of the most stressful parts is packing and preparing the things you’ll need to take while you’re away. A lot of the time many people over pack causing extra weight that isn’t needed, extra expenses at the airport, and the inconvenience of having to carry around a whole lot more than you need. When it comes to packing, and preparing yourself for your next halal friendly holiday, always remember that while you don’t want to have to buy things that you

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