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Islamic Tours

At Serendipity Tailormade, we understand the importance of experiencing Islamic tour. We love exploring new places and we want to share our passion with you by arranging your perfect Islamic holiday. Have you ever wanted to visit the giant tortoises on The Galapagos Islands, or climb The Great Wall of China? Were you worried about where to find halal food or the nearest mosque? We’ve got the insider knowledge on these places and more, to tailor-make your perfect Islamic tour.


Islamic Tours to China

Nunjie Mosque, BeijingOur Muslim friendly tours encompasses one of the oldest civilisations in the world. China has thousands of years of history to explore, from Tiananmen Square to The Silk Road, the country has oodles of the ancient, the weird and the wonderful. Serendipity Tailormade provides halal Muslim friendly tours throughout your journey of this quite amazing country. 

From the gorgeous Summer Palace in Beijing to Shanghai, the largest city in Asia, there is always something new to experience in China. A short hop away is Xi’an, home to The Terracotta Warriors, and also to the largest Muslim population in China. To really experience the Muslim diaspora in this country, then a visit along the Silk Route or into Tibet will make your halal friendly holiday complete. We'll take care of obtaining your travel permit to Tibet, and you can spend a couple of nights marvelling at the Patola Palace.

Our Islamic tours help you experience not only the Muslim culture in China, but the rest of the ethnic diversity that makes China what it is today, all topped off with some halal Kung Po!


Moorish Moroccan Halal Holiday


If you’re a food lover, we suggest you try a culinary tour of Morocco. Starting in mystical Marrakesh, sample a traditional tanjia (type of tagine), slow cooked for 24 hours and bursting with flavour. Cous cous, another Moroccan favourite, can be found all over but we suggest you visit beautiful Essaouira on the Atlantic Coast and find a small, local café after Friday prayer. Round off your trip to Morocco with a flying visit to Casablanca, home to the breathtaking Hassan II mosque and The Blue Parrot Café. It really does exist! Morocco is perfect for a Muslim friendly holiday, as the weather is guaranteed to be beautiful and, as it is a Muslim country, all the food you’ll eat is halal.



Halal Vietnam Holidays

If you’d rather explore further afield, Vietnam is a different option for a Muslim friendly holiday. Bustling Hanoi is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ and is the near the breathtaking Halong Bay which contains stunning limestone karsts and islands. Further south, Ho Chi Minh will surprise you with its elegant French architecture and is a gateway to the historical (and beautiful) Mekong Delta and the Chu Chi tunnels. Vietnam has a small but diverse Muslim population, and with our tours finding halal food is relatively easy, especially as we’ll tell you exactly where to look! If you’re after a halal friendly travel experience with a difference, South East Asia should be top of your list.

Argentina Halal Experiences

Going in the other direction, Argentina is quickly becoming a halal friendly travel destination for South America. Although the Muslim population is relatively small, the largest mosque in Latin America is located in Buenos Aries, and all of our tours include a visit. A few hundred kilometres away you will find the imperious Iguazu Falls, where the forest meets the complex concourse of rivers ending at the falls. The must see in Argentina is further south in El Calafte; home to the Glacier National Park and where you can witness the ever advancing Perito Moreno Glacier. Serendipity Tailormade provides services to make your journey in Argentina as comfortable as possible, with a guide to getting around Beunos Aires and finding halal and vegetarian hotspots.